©2019 by Allison Lane.


I LOVE to write. Some writers hate to write. Everybody is different, that’s totally fine. I love getting cozy with my discount store notebook and favorite 50-cent pen. I love the scribbles as much as I love the sound of my clickety laptop. I love the smudge of blue archival ink on the outside of my pinky finger and the heel of my palm. I love deciphering my notes on dry cleaning receipts that I find in my car's console, a writer’s form of pressed wildflowers.

In my 25 years in communications at Fortune 100 companies, I’ve worked with hundreds of people to capture the essence of their experiences. Stories of loss and birth, discovery and tragedy, purpose and surprise -- from assembly workers and authors, accountants and animal communicators, CEOs and comedians, chefs and celebrities, chemists and custodians, cowgirls and conservationists, data scientists and daycare workers, environmentalists and engineers, food scientists and farriers, farmers and fashion designers, hair stylists and hospice counselors, landscapers and lawyers, motivational speakers and  maternity nurses and make-up artists, poets and poker players, sociologists and sex therapists, teachers and yogis.

My brain has been archiving these stories for two decades. I remember the details of all of them. 

You are my WHY. I absolutely love helping you rally your voice and nanny your stories to help them become the best versions of themselves.