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Urgent Care/Step 1: I read and review your proposal and offer input in 2-3 pages of suggestions to strengthen your intent, your hook, your overview, your marketing plan, the format, the design and the like. This usually takes me 2-3 hours. Fees: $175/hour.

Night Nurse/Step 2: Editing & Development. I do all of the above, plus I offer suggestions, revisions, and edits throughout the proposal including ...

  • Delectable Sample Chapters – like those shrimp appetizers everyone always inhales; 

  • Chapter-by-Chapter synopses – every publisher wants to know that you know your message and that it’s served up like a cake lollipop, gorgeous and ready to be gobbled in one bite;

  • Author Bio – This is your idea, your baby, so you've got to explain why you are the ONLY ONE to write this book. I’ll help craft your bio with pithy bits from your professional experience and personal life.

  • Sales and Marketing Info – Your agent needs to share with your publisher how to sell your book. You are the expert in this. You know why it’s relevant. This is where we explain, in bite-size steps, how your book is necessary now and in the future.

  • Testimonials – I’ll help you craft quotes that actually say something. If you need quotes, I’ll advise you on how to approach those people whose comments will validate your query.

  • Fact Sheets – Sales reps depend on these soundbites to pitch you and your book. In the same vein as introducing someone in a hallway, these soundbites are power statements. 

  • Soundbites – We sum up your relevance in one breath. 

 this usually takes me 12-13 hours. Fees: $175/hour.

Inpatient / Step 3: I help craft your proposal from scratcharoo. Fees depend entirely on the state of the concept and manuscript. It’s a mash-up of the development fee plus a percentage of the advance. Let’s connect and we’ll figure it out.