Editing Services

I am a Developmental Editor. I do everything - developmental, copyediting, proofing - because that’s how I like it. Butcher. Baker. Candlestick Maker. All in One.

Wherever you are in the process, I can help make your story better. I take on your work and your message as though I’m you and seeing it for the first time. When your eyes are blurry and you swear the word “the” is misspelled, you need the Word Nanny to identify the visual debris and unearth your magic.

2-Hour Consult

Big Impact, Small Investment. You get my expertise, my unwavering focus, and my best counsel on what's eating you. Which story to capture and how to do it. Which format, which software, which apps and software can help your flow. How to build a timeline and project plan for your story. My gut on agents to target, and building your comparable list, and your query. I even recommend private FB groups for writers and storytellers, writing retreats, writing coaches, online classes, and other editors who match your needs. Ask me about YA editors ... they are few but mighty. $350 (My fee is $175/hour)

Manuscript Editing

Critique & Reader Report. 

You get my loving guidance with just a portion of the full investment. Most agents admit they need to fall in love with the one-page query and maybe the first 10 pages. Most receive 150 queries each week and must be uber-efficient with their time. You must lasso their hearts, fast. Ten seconds, and BAM! I’ll help you feel confident that your 10 pages are particularly magnetic.
$1750 (This takes me about 10 hours. My fee is $175/hour.)

100-Page Review.

I’ll read your manuscript and offer my general overview, as well as give you specific suggestions on every page. E.g. On page 148, you’ve used superlatives to skim through setting the stage when on page 39, you described the rotating hum of the overhead fan in a way that allows the reader to feel how empty the room had become. On page 22, the expert source lacks credibility because her research foundation accepted donations from a pharmaceutical company. I point you toward the bumps so you can address them. 
$2100 (This takes me about 12 hours. My fee is $175/hour.)

Full Manuscript Line-By-Line Edit.

We go DEEP. You double down, I ante up. We are forever entwined in the author-editor relationship. I edit the manuscript top-to-bottom. We are creator and nurturer. [Hint, you are the creator.] I read your manuscript and give a full critique of its strengths and weaknesses. I’ll share the big impacts you can make during revisions. I’ll help you sharpen your message and smooth the flow so it feels intuitive for the readers. I'll direct you on how to grab attention. Great non-fiction borrows the scannable format and style of lifestyle magazines. For example, using multiple points of entry within a chapter can increase the reader's ability to digest your content. Some points of entry include images, captions, sidebars, headers, subheads, and pull-quotes. Even in non-fiction, this includes plotting, dialogue, character builds, and similar areas. Some characters may fall flat and need the ejector seat, some may need more pizzazz. I may focus on a particular page by directing you to speed up the dialogue or spend more time setting the mood. I’ll be kind and clear. I’ll share an overview from 5-10 pages. 
$3850. (This takes me about 22 hours. My fee is $175/hour.)

Book Proposals


I read and review your proposal and offer input in 2-3 pages of suggestions to strengthen your intent, your hook, your overview, your marketing plan, the format, the design and the like. This excludes line-by-line edits. $700. (This takes me 4 hours. My fee is $175/hour.)

Proposal Heavy Edit

Your submission package gets my love and attention, with just a portion of the full investment. I help tee up the why of your story in delicious and digestible bites. You’ll want to ensure your 10 pages are sticky with sparkle. I also read the first 10 pages of your work and offer constructive steps to strengthen your scenes, brighten the dialogue, and energize the pacing. Includes a line edit, actions, and guidance, feedback – always kind and clear. $1050. (This takes me 6 hours. My fee is $175/hour.)

Full Edit

As above, you get a heavy edit, plus developmental notes which are my readerly gut thoughts that give you the resolve and clear path to make your work whistle. You'll get line-edits and input on every page. Choose one or all of the delivery options: tracked changes and comments; comments only; and clean document. Up to 40 pages, including sample pages and the query. $2450. (This takes me 14 hours. My fee is $175/hour.)

From Scratch

Fees start at $9000. Entirely on the state of the concept and manuscript. 

Query Letter

Critique & Edit

I read your query letter and give you thorough editing notes on voice, tone, content, presentation, and more. I offer suggestions on the ever-elusive "billed as" peer comparison to clutch the attention of agents and publishers. I share my thoughts on your story idea and its chances in the market. A great book starts with a great premise. I will let you know whether or not your story idea–as presented in your query–has the right stuff to stand out in the slush. $350

Draft From Scratch $700

Custom Editorial Service 

Your book is ready to be written. You need a partner to guide and focus your efforts and to corral your time on the most productive result: A Manuscript. A Proposal. A Query. You are a STAR, and I am here to magnify your glow. I clear the path for you to land your message, emphasize content that matters, and bolster content that needs more umphh. We follow a workflow and flex when it's needed. Includes:

  • Six 30-minute calls (biweekly) with developmental guidance and operational guideposts

  • Allison's templates for Manuscripts & Proposals, customized for your project -- saving you from hours of unproductive time and tearful technology tantrums.

  • Allison’s assessment and review of all your content, with suggestions on capturing and sharing your message with your audience, positioning your relevance, and building your content to distinguish it in the marketplace. Editing not included

  • 3 strategic brainstorming, one-on-one sessions with Allison

  • A cheerleader for you and your MAGIC, throughout and beyond

This is best for thinkers, creators, providers, and experts who have developed content or a business that is ready to have an accompanying book. $1750 x 3 months. (10 hours per month. My fee is $175/hour.)