Refining Your Platform

You created a book from nothing, a blank page. Now, we need to pollinate your message.

PR Toolbox

You get the tools to book yourself on podcasts, in print interviews, and TV appearances. Includes your crafted power statements that emphasize your relevance, 1 press release, and 3 written pitches customized to your targets. Plus, I teach you to use them.
This takes about 6 hours. My fee is $175/hour.

Digital & Social Media Audit

You know you gotta have a Website + Social Media presence. You have to pick your lanes, and be compelling and consistent. I assess your site and your social platforms, and give you real actions that can help you engage the people who will care most about you.
$525. This takes about 3 hours. My fee is $175/hour.

Simple 1-hour Consult

Big Impact, Small Investment.

You get my expertise and unwavering focus on the priorities gnawing at your brain. Most requests center practical topics like how-to:​

  • Amplify your message through media, associations, and other organizations. Includes recos on gatekeeper, influencers, and organizations that align with your values and your audience

  • Package your message into articles that the media will run

  • Identify and pitch media 

  • Frame digital and social media posts to align with trending terms and global influencers

  • Connect with resources customized to YOU. Digital divas, media mavens, graphic designers, publicists, and on.