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  • Urgent Care: General Review – I’ll read your manuscript and give a general critique of its strengths and weaknesses. I’ll share the big impacts you can make during revisions. For fiction, this includes plotting, dialogue, character builds, and similar areas. Some characters may be on the chopping block, some may need more power. I may focus on a particular page by directing you to speed up the dialogue or spend more time setting the mood. I’ll be kind, clear, and honest. I’ll share an overview from 5-10 pages. For non-fiction, I’ll help you sharpen your message and smooth the flow so it feels intuitive for the readers. I'll direct you on how to emphasize power statements as attention-grabbers. Great non-fiction borrows the scannable format and style of lifestyle magazines. For example, using multiple points of entry within a chapter can increase the reader's ability to digest your content. Some points of entry include images, captions, sidebars, headers, subheads, and pull-quotes. This usually takes me 10-12 hours. Fees: $175/hour.

  • Night Nurse: Page – by – Page review: I’ll read your manuscript and offer my general overview as described in the above, as well as walk you through your book and giving you specific suggestions on every page. E.g. On page 148, you’ve used superlatives to skim through setting the stage when on page 39, you described the rotating hum of the overhead fan in a way that allows the reader to feel how empty the room had become. On page 22, the expert source lacks credibility because her research foundation accepted donations from a pharmaceutical company. I point you toward the bumps so you can address them. My reviews are 15-30 pages, and it takes me 23-25 hours to complete them. Fees: $175/hour.

  • Inpatient Care. Full Manuscript Services… we go DEEP. You double down, I ante up. We are forever entwined in the author/editor relationship. I deliver the above services plus I edit the manuscript top-to-bottom. We are a pair: creator and nurturer. [Hint, you are the creator.] I take on only those that are a match of heart and soul for both of us. Fees: depend entirely on the state of the manuscript.

  • Private – I write, edit, and ghostwrite all types of materials – books, query letters, email campaigns, workshop materials, and more. Generally, this starts with a 5-hour project. Fees: $175/hour.