• Allison Lane

The dogs have their own minds

Last year, we added two adult dogs to our family.

First, a German Shepherd named Hank. A few months later, a tiny terrier named Hazel. Both had been strays. Their nails were overgrown. They were beyond skinny.

Hank is truly the family's dog. He's your best pal, and just a simple guy.

Hazel is a pistol. Our 9-y-o Daphne named her Hazel upon seeing her photo on my phone. She's full of pizzazz and, on the flip side, always ready for a cuddle.

Hazel and Hank are a ridiculous pair, and still somehow, a perfect duo.

On a fateful encounter, I met animal communicator Liz Murdoch who diagnosed the cause of our 5-month-long struggle with Hank's diarrhea. Spoiler: Hank "showed" her a white pill in his bowl despite being 3,000 miles away. We eliminated the pill (meant for vet-diagnosed arthritis,) and he was right as rain in 24 hours. p.s. We now know Hank doesn't have arthritis.

We've always wondered about Hazel's quirks. With this shelter-at-home time, we were finally able to connect Hazel, Daphne, and Liz -- and get some insights directly from Hazel. Could she share about her instant tender connection with Daphne? (too cute). Why does she lick the inside of Hank's mouth? (gross). What's with her unfortunate selections in pee-places? (sigh).

For your listening pleasure, here's the link to Hazel & Daphne's appearance on Liz's podcast Talking with the Dogs.

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Liz Murdoch's podcast, Talking with the dogs!, that lets listeners in on her conversations between people and their pets. She is just finishing up her first season and it has already hit #17 in iTunes' Pets & Animals category. BOOMYA, Liz!